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The area surrounding your home can say just as much as the property itself.

Uneven, unkempt driveways and pathways, including those with weeds or grass growing through gaps or cracks, not only look unsightly, but can also be dangerous, as are all uneven surfaces.


Block Paved DrivewayA new driveway or pathway not only adds value to your property but is also an investment for safety and gives you a sense of pride when you arrive home.

With Basildon Driveways comprehensive driveways and pathways services your property can be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing welcome for you, your visitors and potential buyers.


Basildon Driveways offers a wide selection of paving options from block-paved to tarmac to gravel, all expertly installed to your specifications. We also offer a range of lighting options, including edgeway lighting so you can see on those dark winter nights and security lighting to help keep you, your family and your property safe.


Our paving options include, but are not limited to:




Indian Sand Stone

York Stone

Paved Patio with York Stone Brick WallTarmac

Crazy Paving

Concrete Pathways


Stain Removal and Washing




We also related services, including:

Brick Walls

Railings and Iron Works, including Gates

Retaining Walls

Ornate Brickwork

Concrete Block Walls


Crazy Paving PathBasildon Driveways are an established, reputable company with many years in the business, and a long, happy trail of satisfied customers in our history.

Our services are all about quality. We use only the best materials and are regularly praised for our tidiness and our courteus approach to our customers. We take great pride in our work which shows in your driveway and pathway.


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All patios, driveways and pavements need some form of drainage, a method of water dispersal. The last thing you need is for the water level to build up and leave surface water in the most awkward of places.

Poor drainage can not only lead to excess surface water but also to flooding and, if left long-term, can lead to water damage to the very foundations of your home.

With the importance of drainage integral to all paved areas, Basildon Driveways can help you in the following areas:

Driveway Drain Manholes


ACO Drains

Channel Gullied Drain

Gulley Pots

French Drains (Shingle Tranch)

Debris removal and cleaning

Installation of Replacement Guttering

To find out how we can help protect your home from water damage, or to obtain a FREE no-obligation quotation, contact us today.

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